'What's new?' - May 2016

I am continuing to self publish books of my work.
Here are two others, slowly making their way thru
the maze of Amazon book selling.

Click here to check 'em out.


'What's new?' - March 2016

After much rumination I have put together a page
that attempts to consolidate my efforts during 2015.

It was a year of rambling thoughts and images.
But a year well spent i think.

I definitely needed to take a break from the routine, kick back,
'let it all hang out' as the saying goes.


'What's new?' - Dec. 21, 2015

Published a revised redesigned version of ''Beach Trip" retitled:
"California Beach Trip"
The Amazon link is here:


If you'd like to see all the pages before you reach for that credit card:



Added another small gallery, the images are really sweet:

Check it out, you'll be glad you did.

Yep, I *done gone crazy* and started another blog.

West Coast Photomontage

Whereas the 'Beach Blog' delves into the techniques of photomontage,
this one is about what the images might possibly mean.
A new image every few weeks and a few words about it,
kinda philosophical, metaphysical, pondering.

To quote a great songwriter, Warren Zevon:
"We contemplate eternity under the
vast indifference of heaven"


If you are into handcoloring, check this blog out:



Not so new, but recently added:

Darkroom 2014

Stop in, have a seat, check it out.

A new digital darkroom gallery:


As always, check out my various blogs,
I try to keep them interesting on a monthly update basis.




Darkroom 2013

And there's a big batch of recently (December 2013)
handcolored prints:

Awseome, if I don't say so myself.

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