May 2000 - present
Digital Imaging

Black Cat Studio - Novato, CA.

The studio clientele?... primarily artists who need their work documented, and need other various support services.

My major responsibilties: Scanning, prepping & color balancing files for 'artists edition' output on Epson printers, from 9500 - 9900 models. Working w/ large files (up to a gigabyte) w/ many adjustment layers.

Also, dealing with clients throughout the process - after 35 years in Graphics and Photography, my 'client/personal relations skills' are excellent.

Myriad other tasks include - retouching and image manipulation of whatever sort is requested, dealing with the production logistics of all the printers, and 15+ artists' edition jobs. Familiar w/ MAC OSX , a variety of scanners, & 'Retrospect' back-up. Also familiar w/ Dreamweaver & FTP transfer.

Web Graphics, Site design,
Digital Illustration, & Multi-Media Development

Clients: BreakThrough Software, PhotoLinks, Atchison.Net, Meta Records, Wadsworth Publishing, & Mindforge, Inc., A multi-media development company, Greensboro, N.C.

B&W Photomontage printing

In a simple traditional darkroom,
I produce B&W photo-montage prints, up to 16x20".

The assignment projects have covered a wide range of circumstances and resources: from a thumbnail/concept (usually mine...), and all original photography, to being given a pile of disparate elements, which must be incorporated into a preconceived finish, and all combinations of these extremes.

Assignment Clients have included: Guitar Player, Keyboard, Music & Computers, SF Focus, San Jose Merc. News 'West' magazine, Washingtonian, Regardies', and Kiplinger's magazines; SF Bay Guardian, MacMillan/McGraw Hill-NYC., and The Heritage Foundation.

I don't do assignment work anymore. I leave a portfolio of it on the site,
cause it still looks great, and totally smokes what anyone else was doing in a darkroom 'pre-photoshop'.
I had a close encounter with 'the grim reaper' a few years ago,
and at 61, with whatever time I have left on this earth, I want to do what's below:

Fine Art Photography - B&W Photomontage

Applying the same techniques, I've produced a portfolio of over a 200 images from the raw film I've shot since moving to San Francisco in '92. This work, and that done while living in Washington D.C., has been seen in group shows from the Bayfront Gallery, at Fort Mason, SF, to the Tartt Gallery, in D.C.

Awards, Shows, "recognition of peers"

Architectural Photographer
Freelance, in the Washington D.C. area.

Shot both interiors and exteriors of all kinds, on 4x5, for builders, architects, ad agencies, and magazines. Assignments led to awards in numerous competitions; Clients included: Brick Institute of America, Unique Homes Magazine, Milton Homes, Pulte Home Corp., and others.

Advertising Art Director
Earle Palmer Brown, Bethesda, Md.,
Asst. A.D., W.B. Doner, Balto., Md.

Experience with beer- (Carling Breweries), Food-(McCormick/Schilling ), Hotels, Industrial products, Jewelry, Publications (The Washington Post was an EPB client), Retail (I once directed Crown Books CEO Robert Haft amidst a pile of bestsellers), Real estate, and Financial Institutions.
I did everything from full page newspaper ads to billboards, trade magazine ads , mailers,& package design for focus groups. Concepted for, chose,and directed both illustrators, and photographers (including dealing with models, props, and locations).
Whatever else it took to get the right mechanical out the door on time .....even if it meant I had to write the headline myself.


St Paul's School Concord N.H., Class of '69

American University, Washington, D.C. - 1969-71

Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria , Va. - 1973-75.
...... .

Personal references, portfolios & samples of work
in traditional and digital form,
above and beyond what is in the site:
Available on request.

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