Print Prices & Purchasing Info

Once you've decided what you'd like to buy from the options below,
E-mail Bob.

To get a clear idea of what I have available,
you should know a bit about my process, and how new technologies
have changed the way I do things.
There are basically 4 categories of prints for sale.

( If you're interested in a very affordable print from a 'print on demand' site,
Please scroll to the bottom of the page, otherwise continue reading.)

#1 - All my montage prints are made in a really simple darkroom,
I usually make 1-4 original/one of a kind prints,
some are 10x12" image on 11x14 paper, some are 14x18" on 16x20"paper.
Some are on Fiber based paper, some on Resin coated paper.

I am under the impression that 'serious collectors' frown on RC -
if it is processed in an automatic processor?.. i understand the frowns -
those prints are not aedequately washed to remove fixer.
I have always given mine a final sodium sulfite/fix removal wash.
I think this is enough to put them on the same archival quality level as fiber.
(There are certain things I can do using RC that I can't do with fiber.)
The above applies to everything 'B&W montage' on the site.

Prices for these original prints are:

10x12" image on 11x14" - B&W - $1250 | Handcolored - $1500
14x18" image on 16x20" - B&W - $1750 | Handcolored - $2000

Please tell me which images you are interested in,
and I will let you know what size and paper they are on.
(If you can copy and paste the URL of the full page image into your email,
that would eliminate any confusion.)

#2 - For many years, I did edition prints by shooting a 4x5" copy neg,
and printing from that.
I still have a number of those available,
they are listed (with prices) on this page:


That's all of the silver-based edition prints that are for sale.

"The times, they are a changin'" aren't they?
The only silver gelatin prints I make these days are the
darkroom montage originals, everything else /edition prints are digital.

#3- Currently I am offering digital prints
that are made and signed by me, in 2 sizes
(same sizes as originals are made):
14x18" image on 16x20" paper - $ 300
10x12" image on 12x14" paper - $ 200

Once again, please tell me which images you are interested in:
If you can copy and paste the URL of the full page image into your email,
that would eliminate any confusion.
If you would prefer a different size, by all means, ask.

They will be made on archival papers, on a smooth/textureless matte paper.
w/ Epson Ultrachrome (archival) inks.

#4 - I think most of my fans are regular people who just like the image,
want to see it on their wall, so these prints are very inexpensive,
and not made or signed by me.
I have deposited a number of images at these online stores:





If you're interested in something in the site that's not on these pages,
email me at the link below.

There is also this option,
if you want something printed and signed by the 'silverwizard' :-)
A gallery of
easily afforadable digital giclee prints,
($50 for an 8x10) of my most popular images.

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