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If traditional film B&W landscape photography of California
is what you're looking for, click here:
It's a more complete collection of my B&W landscape photos.
It also includes the best edit I've done so far
of many digital/color images I've done in recent years,
including many digital panoramas.

What follows below are
what I consider to be the highlights of digital landscapes:

A 2008 year's end trip to Nevada!

Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire..
& some petroglyphs!

A Collection of Recent Skies

Pt Reyes, December 2007

Winter Skies, December 2007

Marin Headlands/G.G.Bridge Fog, Sept 2007

May/June 2007:
Summer's here!.. and guess what? so is the fog!

Limantour Beach, Pt Reyes - March '07


SUMMER FOG - Marin Headlands,
just north the G.G. Bridge...July 2006



Some really good road trips:

Arizona: Grand Canyon & Canyon De Chelly

Lassen Nat'l Park - May 2004

Desert trip - Joshua Tree. December, 2003

Many day trips in the SF Bay area:
Digital Tours - Great Places, Close to San Francisco

To see the full list/index, step right this way

Some really old pages I just can't bring myself to retire:

A 'Fast tour', from my home base,
San Francisco, over the hills towards the desert...

A longer "California trip"

Pillar Point/Princeton harbor-
close to the now famous Maverick's surfing location.

Marin Headlands & Nike Missle base

Point Reyes, California

A few more pix:
Marin Headlands & Pillar Point

'A Desert Drive' to Death Valley - Xmas 2001


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