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.The Coast and Desert galleries above include work done from 1992-2000.
Newer work, which doesn't seem to fit into neat categories
like 'desert' or 'coast', can be found thru the yearly links below.

FYI/FWIW - A majority of the images on this site are made
in a traditional / chemical B&W darkroom.

That includes everything in the 'Coast & Desert' Portfolios, & 'Assignments' above,
and obviously all the 'Darkroom 2001....2015' below.
In 2016, the tide bagan to turn,
I developed a serious back problem (siatica!) and could no longer work
in the darkroom.

For the last few years, i've spent lots of time making low res files, planning for darkroom.
Now that I've been forced go digital I'm going to keep making those low res files,
And if anyone wants a really nice/large print?...
I'll scan the film to make a really nice/large print happen.

Here's how the digital montage gallery is shaping up.



'What's new?' - January 2018


A big batch of handcolored prints, Jan 2014

New Gallery - Skies!

'Beach Trip' - A very special darkroom project

I've put together a new revised version of this project, as a book :

You can buy a copy on

You can see all three of my books - just click here!

Here's the cover images of the other two:

Another special portfolio, prints done many years ago,
short but very sweet:

Aphrodite - Goddess of the sea


Giclee Print Gallery

Print Purchasing Info

Stock Useage.......Web DesignD....Digital Photo-Illustration

Darkroom methods.... Resume.....Statement
.....Awards, Exhibits, Publication Exposure..•

Yeah, I guess everyone including your grandma is blogging these days.
'The Beach Blog' proceeds at a leisurely pace, no attempt
to keep up w/ the frenetic pace of many blogs.
As the old advertising slogan goes: "Try it!, you'll like it!".

The topics are, of course, photography:
B&W photography and B&W darkroom montage, digital photography,
...and whatever strikes me as being interesting about
whatever is going on in the world - Who knows where that will go.

It's really heavy on the 'darkroom montage' work, no two ways about it.

But one blog wasn't enough, oh no, I am doing three more!

And I am also attempting to deal with the constant changes w/ blogging software
that leaves me eating some web-techie's dust.
Wordpress no longer work s for me, on an old (Mac OS 10.4) computer.
I am trying to keep up, hanging on by my fingernails.

Road Trips - American West

Western Skies

Handcoloring black and white photos


Am I crazy or what? I started another blog!

West Coast Photomontage
Every couple of weeks, a new image, & a few thoughts.

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