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Here we go (yet) again!

December 22, 2004 - I got a couple of weeks off,
a couple of valid credit cards,
so it's "Goodbye, San Rafael....
helloooo someplace else!"
(*yee-ah!..that's the ticket*!)

There's a page of text|itinerary, notes & info...

and six pages of pictures:
Too many pictures this time,
to make individual pages for all of 'em,
so the pages are all of full size images (no thumbnails),
and may take a minute to download.

There are many panoramas that have not been
'sewn together' in final form -
(It's gonna take me a while to figure out which one's
I really want to finish...)

1 - Old/"Historic" Rte 66, from Needles, CA. into Arizona..

2 - Page, AZ and environs
(including some Lake Powell..)

3 - More things around Page, AZ/Grand Canyon/Rim country

4 - Grand Canyon | Rim Country

5 - Canyon De Chelly

6 - Rte 178, passing by Lake Isabella,
heading into Bakersfield, CA.


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