All images are © Bob Bennett 2008

Nevada - December, 2008

Images taken on a road trip to the Las Vegas Nevada area,
12/23/08 - 12/30/08, either at Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire,
or somewhere en route.














I don't know why the skies out in the high desert are so stunning sometimes, I guess it
has to do with elevation (the three above are taken at something like 2500+ ft).

The one below is a real jaw dropper -
I took a few digital frames, then shot some film ( Pentax 6x7), which finished the roll.
In the time it took to load another roll?....
it was all over and gone, forever.







Taken from the highest driveable spot in Red Rock Canyon, elev. 4, 771 ft,
just east of Las Vegas, on a very stormy X-mas eve.


Sometimes I wonder if I am totally wacko to be at places like this,
on a holiday when alot of people are watching football on TV, cooking a turkey,
and doing all that traditional holiday stuff.


But I don't think so.
There are many others on a similar wave-length.
While I was hanging out here, I heard at least six different tongues being spoken -
English, English w/ a British accent, German, French, Spanish, Japanese,
and at least one Chinese or Asian language.
It rained, it hailed, the wind howled, the temperature was about 40 degrees.
It didn't slow anyone down much.
(It did slow down the batteries in my Pentax 6x7, but I figured a way past that :-) )

A few more images made along the way?
Hey, sure, why not?! ---->>>