Marin Headlands - Fog

August 2008



A classic view!
And this is just the kind of fog I like - a shallow layer that has to struggle
to get over the coastal hills, and in doing so, creates
all kinds of wispy effects.

I continue walking from this point of view, to the highest point in the Headlands,
called Hawk Hill, and walk around to the west side of the hill,
where I am happy to catch these frames.















These are all courtesy of some fog burning off,
and passing through the trees - definitely one of those
'you gotta be there, at the right time and place' kind of things.
Some things don't change - the first rule of photography is stiil:
You gotta be there to get the shot!


Where was that fog burning off coming from, you ask?

If you were to look down, and to the right, from the frames above,
here's what it looked like:

The west end of S.F. is buried somewhere beneath that fog.
Turn another 90 degrees to the right, and here's the view:

It's that fog burning off, that wafted through the trees, and
made the frames at the top possible.
The way it usually works, the fog burns off 'til early afternoon...
after that, it can either burn off entirely....
OR!... make a surge back thru the Golden Gate & over the hills.

When it burned back to this point, I thought I might
be able to catch some similar frames of fog thru trees by walking down the road
to Point Boinita, shrouded in fog, above.

No such luck!
The fog surged back inland, and I was happy to see the SF Muni bus,
when it arrived, to take me back over the GG bridge, and continue on to
my humble abode in San Rafael.

The next day, my ankles, knees & hips reminded me that though
my body is supposedly 56+ y.o., some parts are getting older faster than others...
like maybe?... my ankles, knees & hips!

It was, however, "worth the schlep!" as a copywriter I once worked with
said of the parties he threw at his townhouse in Baltimore,
while inviting everyone he worked with at an ad agency in Bethesda, Md.,
60 miles away.