May/June 2007


June 6, 2007

No sooner than winter went away, than we got 'summer' -
at least a summer weather pattern -

"....low clouds and fog extending inland overnite, clearing to near the coast by midday..."
It's so repetitive, it's almost a mantra...

(At left, a satelite image of the SF Bay area, with fog about halfway between the two above descriptions..)

But fog is never
the same, from one day
to the next ...
This view is from SF, looking west - the southern G.G. Bridge tower is just right of center.




A completely opposite view, from Marin Headlands, looking south...






Fog has a personality all it's own...'s one last wierd strip of it clinging on as long as possible,
over Pt. Bonita (at the right) to Land's End in SF (at the left).

On a completely different note:
Coyotes, crows
, (& cockroaches...?)
They'll survive all of us...

This bold coyote (upper right) kept dashing down to the roadside,
to work on some roadkill - when he(or she?) heard a car coming,
there was a hasty retreat to the position in this photo.
There was enough of a gap between cars that some good eatin' got done.
There were two of them, taking turns.
I wasn't very far away (maybe 20-30 yards?) but since I wasn't dead,
I guess I wasn't on the menu.



A Fork In The Road...

Alot of times, I get off the bus at this juncture (the orange arrow below).

This shot reminds me of the lyric in a Warren Zevon song:
"One day I came to a fork in the road,
folks, I just couldn't go where I was told".

If I want to get to the highest point in the headlands,
I proceed (by foot) to the area in the orange circle.

If not, I follow the the other fork, down into the valley......


Is this land crumbling.. slowly, quietly...?
....or was it "just my 'magination"?



A rolling stone

Several other trips to the Headlands in recent months:

The 1950's Nike Missle base

Just a great day for clouds...

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