My eye for digital photo-illustration definitely comes from
my darkroom work, which preceded Photoshop by many years.

This was done in... I think..1989, or 1990,
for a client in Wash., DC, where I used to live.

When I moved to San Francisco CA, I did similar work:

But digital caught up w/ me,
like it did to all of us traditional/analog photographers.

For a few years leading up to them 'dot com' bust
I did a bit of digital illustration..

Assignment illustrations

Having done a whole lot of darkroom work/ illustrations, with
just a faxed sketch that was then printed, and it was just fine...
I got just a little bit more than tired of all the 'can you tweak this just so?"
requirements once things went digital.

Since then?
I've gotten alot more used to the digital
'can we tweak this just a bit more?' approach.

I've done a lot of digital photomontage, none of it
very commercial, but it will give you an idea of 'what i can do'
My style would probably be more useful for editorial illustration.




If there's something I can do for you:
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