(If you'd prefer to see these sites in a new browser window
click on the image instead of the text link.)

Of course, I keep up with my own various websites, they all have
a similar look & feel, as it should be:





This is a site done for one of my old east coast friends :


Up until a couple of years ago the site looked like this, above.

It was then redesigned, below.
I did not do the implementation on the new site, it's done w/ coding (PHP)
that is waaay over my head.
But people who write great code don't always have similarly great
visual design skills -
I directed the look and layout of this one, every step and pixel of the way.
Yes, i can 'play well with others'.


It has since been redesigned yet again.
Hope you can appreciate the above.

Barbara Scheide's site has changed a bit in recent years.
I liked the design above (no longer visible on the web),
the client has decided otherwise, below,
and it looks different now.
( I know how to park my personal preferences,
and just get the job done, as the client directs.)


A subsidiary site for Jan Faul:



For a Danish photographer - incredibly clean & simple!

I must admit, the basic design was done by the photographer herself.
But I did tweak things a bit,
and made it come together exactly the way she wanted.


For another photographer, similarly lean and simple.

I am rather proud of the visual interpretation of the domain name.
The photographer is one Alex Breger, the domain he decided upon was 'absees',
a clever pun, of course.

This one, I did well over 10 years ago:


I have no idea what happened to the domain or client..
(that's the way the world works, sometimes.
It doesn't hang together quite as well as it did in older browsers, but nonetheless
you can see my good eye for design at work.)

I also do a lot of photoshop work. No surprise, hunh?
Ten or so years ago, shortly before the dot-com bust, I did many
graphics/UI designs.
Here's a portfolio, dated as it might be, from those times.


I am also somewhat familiar w/ blogging software,
I've got three blogs of my own:

The Beach Blog

I can certainly craft a 'look' for you that will be unique .

FWIW - If you are in the San Francisco Bay area, & we need to meet face to face,
I live in downtown/central San Rafael, just a few blocks west of 101
and the GGTransit hub.
I haven't owned a car in 20 years. If I can do public transit to meet you?
OK, let's figure it out.

Thanks for taking the time to check me out!