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.The Coast and Desert galleries above include work done from 1992-2000.
Newer work, which doesn't seem to fit into neat categories
like 'desert' or 'coast', can be found thru the yearly links below.

FYI/FWIW - A majority of the images on this site are made
in a traditional / chemical B&W darkroom.

That includes everything in the 'Coast & Desert' Portfolios, & 'Assignments' above..
and obviously all the 'Darkroom 2001....2014' pages below.
And I'll continue to do so...until there just isn't anything traditional to work with.


May 12 - 2016 - What's new?


A big new batch of handcolored prints, Jan 2014

New Gallery - Skies!

'Beach Trip' - A very special darkroom project

I've put together a new revised version of this project, as a book :

You can buy a copy on

You can see all three of my books - just click here!

Here's the cover images of the other two:

Another special portfolio, prints done many years ago,
short but very sweet:

Aphrodite - Goddess of the sea

Digital Darkroom 1 . Digital Darkroom 2 .. Digital Darkroom 3

Digital Darkroom 4 - Symmetry

Giclee Print Gallery

Print Purchasing Info

Stock Useage.......Web DesignD....Digital Photo-Illustration

Darkroom methods.... Resume.....Statement
.....Awards, Exhibits, Publication Exposure..•

Yeah, I guess everyone including your grandma is blogging these days.
'The Beach Blog' proceeds at a leisurely pace, no attempt
to keep up w/ the frenetic pace of many blogs.
As the old advertising slogan goes: "Try it!, you'll like it!".

The topics are, of course, photography:
B&W photography and B&W darkroom montage, digital photography,
...and whatever strikes me as being interesting about
whatever is going on in the world - Who knows where that will go.

It's really heavy on the 'darkroom montage' work, no two ways about it.

But one blog wasn't enough, oh no, I am doing three more!

Road Trips - American West

Western Skies

Handcoloring black and white photos


Am I crazy or what? I started another blog!

West Coast Photomontage
Every couple of weeks, a new image, & a few thoughts.

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